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Educating Resistance: 

Equipping A Generation To Engage the Ongoing Assault on Human Memory.​

WHAT it's all about . . . 

The Holocaust provides one of the most effective subjects for examining basic moral issues. Education As Resistance offers programing and workshops that take an urgent approach to the critical importance of memory as it relates to the future of civilization. By evaluating and providing information about this unprecedented watershed event in human history, EAR programming builds confidence and sustainability in participants, equipping to directly engage the onoing assualt on human memory in its many contemporary forms. 

Inspiring talks...

The Holocaust is one of the most emotionally charged topics of modernity. It intersects with hot-button issues dominating the news today, to include politics affecting tense world affairs. Extensive use of archival graphic images in concert with a personalized message emphasizing personal responsibility to the past causes participants to reflect and be moved by their own individual role in the active preservation of human memory.

Programs & Workshops  

THE HOLOCAUST TEST© is a survey-driven, hands-on educational experience that diagnoses and quantifies the knowledge level of college-age audiences in real time, identifying need while generating interest in learning about the Holocaust.


“Overview of the Holocaust from a Critical Perspective” involves a 240-slide PowerPoint presentation with break-out sessions designed to generate small group analysis and discussion. It is available in ½-day, full-day, 3-day, 5-day or semester-long formats. It has been used effectively as a webinar presentation on an international scale and is appropriate for both student and faculty audiences. 

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